Stakeholder Engagement

At Jubilant Life Sciences, the stakeholder satisfaction is top preference and we value the concern of all our stakeholders associated directly or indirectly with the business.

The stakeholder engagement process involves a variety of activities such as stakeholder identification, consultation, prioritisation, collaboration and reporting, etc. The approach and frequency of the engagement with the stakeholders vary depending on the stakeholders. There are annual events like vendor meet for suppliers, annual general meeting for investors, exhibition for customers and others. In addition, respective departments engage with their specific stakeholder groups on need and regular basis.

The identification of all pertinent stakeholders and understanding their expectations is of high concern for us in our pursuit to ensure sustainability


  • Shareholders


    We immensely value the efforts of our investors. We appreciate that the Investors are now looking beyond the shareholder value and are also concerned about the sustainability of the organisation.

    A dedicated Investor Relations department is laid down at the Corporate Office, Noida, which communicates with institutional investors of Jubilant Life Sciences. The Company Secretary along with his responsible team manages our retail investors, on the other hand.

  • Customers


    At Jubilant Life Sciences, we believe in customer centric approach and are focused on areas such as product innovation, excellence in quality, value pricing and service.

    We believe, a company cannot exist without its customers. Therefore, our customers are the most important stakeholders on whom the success of the organisation depends.

  • Employees


    At Jubilant, we believe that people could perform to their best of abilities in organisations, only if they feel truly connected. Therefore, our vision is to be an employer of choice and one of the most admired companies people would look up to work for. The focus is to develop organisational capabilities and improve our efficiency to have a capable and engaged workforce.

    To increase the satisfaction and enhance the commitment levels of our employees, our Human Resource team indulges in even greater involvement with utmost dedication.

    Various welfare policies are implemented to improve the quality of life. Employees are recognised for their good performance through various awards and recognitions.

  • Suppliers  / Vendors

    Suppliers / Vendors

    The key to greater control over the value chain is good supplier relations. It helps reducing the risks and uncovers new opportunities as well. Since suppliers are essential to the products and service quality, we have placed processes and system in such a way that it connects with them consistently over and over again.

    At Jubilant, our Supply Chain Management Department is highly dedicated and efficient at dealing with suppliers / vendors and has divided them into six basic categories, namely -Raw materials, Packaging, Project / Turn-Key Suppliers, Transporters, Contractors, and others (such as IT/ R&D suppliers).

    We engage with its suppliers through an annual ‘Partners in Progress Meet’, meetings and supplier audits.

  • Government


    Government acts in numerous forms to influence business. This may include influencing businesses through tax, regulatory and other policies, and also creating a level playing field for businesses, providing them access to capital and other related functions as well. For Jubilant, falling in line to all the laws, rules and regulations is main concern.

    At Jubilant, our dedicated team at corporate as well as facility level takes up the responsibility for interacting with the respective regulatory and government agencies for various compliances and other related functions.

  • Media


    Media is one of the strongest and the most efficient opinion maker today. It plays an important role in initiating new trends which can influence markets and businesses as well to a great extent. Apart from this, media also helps in business communications through their numerous channels and build an effective brand image.

    Jubilant’s Corporate Marketing and Communications team is constantly engaged in awareness as well as perception management through effective communication with various stakeholders in order to acquire a positive mindshare through media interactions and communications.

  • Community


    Our Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral and essential part of how Jubilant conducts its business and how our efforts are directed towards community development through focus on primary education, basic healthcare service, and livelihood generation programmes intended for improving the employability of local youth as well as women.

    Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF), established in 2007 as a not for profit organisation, manages the community engagement activities for Jubilant Life Sciences. The Foundation works at all the Company’s locations all over India, to address the needs of the local community