REACH Compliance

REACH Compliance

Jubilant sells only those products that comply with REACH and the applicable regulation. Jubilant has pre-registered all the substances in its current portfolio for which it has responsibilities and obligations to do so under REACH. Having completed that it also successfully registered the chemicals for which the deadline was Nov, 2010 and May 2013. Jubilant has also taken up the Lead registrant role in some of its products.

Under REACH it is obligatory to process the communication up and down the supply Chain. These include providing the extended safety data sheets containing the exposure scenarios, risk Management measures associated with the same, registration number, authorization requirements and other updates.

Jubilant has taken into account the known uses of its own substances and the uses of those substances for which it has received information from its customers. These uses are then included in the extended Safety data Sheet (e-SDS) and provided to the customers to understand the exposure scenario associated with their use.

Over the past several years Jubilant has gained lot of expertise in various aspects of REACH like registration process, inquiry process etc. We also successfully passed the REACH and CLP inspection carried out by the National enforcement Authority of the EU member state.

At Jubilant we have a dedicated team, a group of in-house experts whose knowledge and dedication ensures that our global legal obligations are met and that we can build competitive advantage for our customers. We have also developed efficient in-house systems to manage the future compliance with REACH affecting new product development, Non phase in substances, new customers, updation of the dossier and changing suppliers. By having a dedicated REACH team, supported by global resources, including a database of REACH contacts and web information, the company is aiming to cater to all customer’s requirements with complete adherence to all global compliances..

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