Business Segments


Jubilant Pharma Limited is a global integrated pharmaceutical company offering a wide range of products and services to our customers across geographies. We organise our business into two segments. Firstly, ‘Specialty Pharmaceuticals’ comprising Radiopharmaceuticals (including Radiopharmacies), Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Injectables and Non-Sterile Products, and Allergy Therapy Products. Secondly, our ‘Generics & APIs’ segment, comprising Solid Dosage Formulations and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Global Presence

We supply our products and services to customers in over 85 countries. We have four manufacturing facilities in North America and two in India, coupled with Research and Development centres in North America and India.

Additionally, we have a distribution network of more than 50 radiopharmacies in the United States.

Business Segments

Leadership Positions


  • Third largest radiopharmaceutical manufacturer in the nuclear medicine industry in the United States based on revenue
  • Second largest centralized commercial radiopharmacy network in the United States with a national footprint of more than 50 radiopharmacies across 22 states

Allergy Therapy Products

  • One of the top three players with a market share of 17.6% in the allergenic extract market in the United States and are currently the sole producer and supplier of venom products for the treatment of allergies in the United States


  • One of the global suppliers for several key API products based on market share

Solid Dosage Formulations

  • One of the market leaders in the United States, based on market share of several key products