Business Segments

Life Science Ingredients

The Life Science Ingredients (LSI) business of Jubilant Life Sciences offers a broad portfolio of high-quality ingredients that find application in a wide range of industries. This extends to custom research and manufacturing for pharmaceutical and agrochemical customers on an exclusive basis. We are driven by the motive to add value to millions of lives through innovations and cutting-edge technology. As a leader in the key products we manufacture, we take pride in being a partner of choice for our valued customers.

  • Specialty Intermediates

    Our businesses comprise of advance intermediates like pyridine, picolines, cyanopyridines, piperidine and their value-added derivatives known as fine ingredients and crop science ingredients. Jubilant Life Sciences is one of the few global companies in this business space, which is fully integrated both upstream and downstream.

  • Nutritional Products

    This business caters to human nutrition, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals and personal care segments. One of our key products in this division is Vitamin B3 (niacinamide and niacin), for which we are the world's second largest manufacturer.

  • Life Science Chemicals

    Jubilant Life Sciences manufactures a range of life science chemicals which includes acetyl products, ethanol and specialty gases, and holds leadership positions in most of them.

We are engaged in specialty intermediates, nutritional products and life science chemicals through five manufacturing facilities in India.

Research & Development Key Highlights

  • Team of over 100 highly qualified scientists
  • Knowledge driven operations; Providing innovative products and economically efficient solutions
  • Proven expertise in complex chemical/engineering technologies viz. heterogenous technologies, chiral chemistry, vapour phase technologies and polystate science
  • Advanced in-house capabilities in modern analytical instruments leads to expedited customer support
  • Continued efforts to minimise time to commercialisation of newer technologies/products

Manufacturing Key Highlights

  • Foremost commitment towards health
  • Quality, safety and environmental protection
  • Multi-location advantage
  • Manufacturing for global markets with global scale capacities
  • NABL accredited QC Laboratories with standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification
  • Fully integrated renewable biomass-based chemical products
  • Edge to operate in a wide array of temperature/high-pressure range
  • Expertise in key technology platforms for sustainable and green manufacturing

Our Business Edge

  • Global Leadership in Pyridine & Picoline Globally

    No 1 in 11 Pyridine Derivatives

  • Globally #2 in Niacinamide

    (Vitamin B3)

  • Globally #7 in Ethyl Acetate

  • Globally #4 in Acetic Anhydride