Life at Jubilant

Working at Jubilant is an experience and journey of self-exploration. Since last three decades, Jubilant has been helping its team of around 7600 people realise their true potential in ways more than one. At Jubilant, you find a productive, positive and challenging work environment that brings out the best in you. Join in to enjoy the journey.

To be the world’s number one in multiple product categories is not an easy task. Our rich heritage is a result of hard work and tremendous efforts put together by a team of smart, talented people with diverse backgrounds. People who have brought together great deal of creativity, innovation and enterprising skills to make Jubilant one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Company. 

To continuously thrive on this growth and to stay ahead in the ever changing market place, we have always endeavoured to evolve and explore new possibilities. We have transformed ourselves in few areas and in few we have adapted ourselves to new rules of working culture. While undertaking all these changes, our people have always taken the centre stage. The ideology of employee first has helped us build a conducive and employee friendly work environment which is comparable to the world's best.

With a heterogeneous workforce, Jubilant is a place where passions are nurtured leading to a fulfilling career and a lasting bond. If this is what you are looking for, your search may just end here. Go on and explore countless opportunities available at Jubilant’s worldwide locations.


Life at Jubilant

Our Work Culture

Jubilant has been a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry and it is the passion to be the best that drives its people to excel. Our hiring strategy focuses on tomorrow and as a result every new candidate shortlisted for hiring is assessed for his or her potential to drive the business in future. To be the best, we not only hire the best but also invest in initiatives to sharpen and enhance the skills of our people to stay ahead of the curve. Individual training needs are identified and workshops are planned and designed for holistic development at various stages of career.

Diversity- of cultures, genders, education, training, interests and skills- results in multiplicity and we understand that it plays a vital role in building a wholesome work environment. While hiring, we are always looking for someone with a spark and possessing some of the core attributes viz.: Integrity, Intellectual rigor, a positive attitude, team skills, ability to think strategically, high energy, Creativity and Leadership.

We have a culture of inclusiveness, where people from diverse backgrounds—using the broadest interpretation of that word—are not just welcome, but actively sought. We understand the importance of a healthy being and hence talking of employee benefits, we go beyond the basics of health insurance and look at health as a combination of physical, emotional, financial and social well-being. To encourage you at every step, we have specially designed motivation programmes for you and your team. 

We are proud of our diverse workforce and of our good work practices which has helped us develop and retain our people who we see as the future leaders. For a company which has always believed in constant evolution, it might be difficult to summarise its work culture in few statements. For it is a culture to be experienced first-hand!