Drug Discovery Solutions

Drug Discovery & Development

Providing Drug Discovery solutions through a collaborative partnership model

At Jubilant Life Sciences, we provide our discovery services in:
  • Bioinformatics (pathart)
  • Chemoinformatics (ChemBioBase)
  • Crystallography Structure Directed Molecular Design and Information Technology Services
Our Prelinical service offerings include:
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Library Design
  • Combinatorial, Focussed and Lead Optimisation
  • Clinical development and Market Launch

Collaborative/ Partnership Model

Jubilant Life Sciences is conducting several collaborative and integrated drug discovery programs. The collaborative / partnership model is an integrated discovery program across a single or a portfolio of molecules. We share both the risks and rewards of the project with our collaborators and receive support in the form of research funding upon the accomplishment of agreed milestones, subjected to the implementation of certain criteria, and in addition, bonus amounts at each specified stage also.

Sustained development milestones and royalties for further development along with the commercialisation of a successful molecule or portfolio of molecules is also an arrangement that can be agreed upon. 

We offer an integrated play of Drug Discovery Solutions with the focus on oncology, metabolic disorders, pain and inflammation. Apart from this, there are certain  projects, which are being executed with leading pharmaceutical companies across the US, European and Indian markets, where we are complemented on the basis of our delivery capabilities. This model is innately flexible and turns in optimal solutions in terms of costing and time-to-market drifts.

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